Syllabus and reading list

Two weeks before your course begins, you should have access to the course syllabus. For each course, there is also a list of literature, which should be available no later than eight weeks before the course starts.

Find syllabus and reading list

Many syllabuses and lists of literature are accessible through the 'Find Syllabus and Reading List' search service on

However, for certain courses, the syllabus and reading list may not be located in the search service but in another place, such as the Canvas course room. In this situation, your education will provide you with the necessary information about where to find them.

What is a course syllabus?

Course syllabuses is an educational tool for teachers and students, serving as the foundation for how the studies will be conducted. I describes the central elements of a course, such as entry requirements, the learning outcomes and central content, teaching methods, forms of assessment and grading scales and main field of study. You should have access to your syllabus no later than two weeks before the course starts.

What is a reading list?

The course syllabus includes a list of litterateur and/or a list of other relevant course materials. You should have access to the reading list no later than 8 weeks before the course starts.