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Special pedagogical support

All students at the University of Gothenburg should have the opportunity and means to complete their studies. Several forms of assistance are therefore available to support and help you if you feel that your studies or study situation is difficult. Students with disabilities can get special pedagogical support.

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What is 'special pedagogical support'?

Special pedagogical support is intended for persons with a disability. The support will be structured according to your particular needs and may comprise several forms of adaptations.

Examples of support include help with note-taking, adapted course literature, adapted examinations, support from a mentor or special software that can make reading and writing easier.

How do I apply for special pedagogical support?

You must first make a digital application via the Nais system to access special pedagogical support. A coordinator will contact you to book a personal meeting when we have received your application.

Apply for special pedagogical support

When we meet you, we will ask you to explain in more detail how your disability is affecting your studies and your study situation. You may not have a clear idea of what you need help with and we will then try to find solutions tailored to your needs.

Who can get special pedagogical support?

You need documentation confirming your disability to gain access to special pedagogical support. Your disability must be of a permanent nature, that is not temporary. Students with mental health problems can also gain access to special pedagogical support. A medical certificate or a certificate from a psychologist is required. Speech therapists or special needs teachers may also issue certificates for dyslexia.

Investigations of diagnoses or illnesses for use as supporting information concerning a need for special pedagogical support are not conducted at the University of Gothenburg.

Reading and writing support

You can order accessible course literature via the University Library if you find it difficult to read written text. This applies to students with, for example, reading and writing difficulties, dyslexia, impaired vision, concentration difficulties or other disabilities.

Contact the University Library to get access to adapted course literature. You do not need to have a documented disability, but you must personally certify that your ability to read is impaired.

Information for students who need reading and writing support on the University Library’s website

Apply for special pedagogical support

Become a mentor!

Contact details

Please contact us by telephone or email if you have any questions or want to talk about special pedagogical support.

Anna Jälknäs
Special Pedagogical Support Coordinator
031-786 3109

Emma Arvidsson
Coordinator for students with dyslexia
031-786 5133

Emma Kjellén
Coordinator for students with dyslexia
031-786 2095

Ingvor Berndt
Special Pedagogical Support Coordinator
031-786 1323

Sofia Vilelind
Special Pedagogical Support Coordinator
031-786 6604


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