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Elective Courses

What is an elective course?

You can include a few courses of your own choice within your Master´s degree. It can either be courses offered by your own programme or by the other Master's programmes at the School of Business, Economics and Law.

Which courses are available?

The selection of elective courses varies from year to year. The list of elective courses is distributed to all students in the end of November prior to the Spring semester and mid-May prior to the Autumn semester.

How many courses can I choose?

In the programme syllabus it is stated how many elective courses that can be taken within the programme. The programme structure with courses can be found at the programme pages.

How do I make the correct choice?

Make sure you check the course website on CANVAS. Information such as schedules, entrance requirements, course syllabus etc can be found through a link that is provided to you.  For course specific questions please contact the course coordinator. For questions regarding eligibility please contact the student counsellors.

The School of Business, Economics and Law has started shifting grading scale on master´s courses from the 3 part grading scale, Fail (U), Pass (G), Pass with Distinction (VG), to the 6 part grading scale, AF: Excellent (A), Very Good (B), Good (C), Satisfactory (D), Sufficient (E), Fail (F). This means that elective courses can have different grading scales. As a consequence you might have different grading scales for your courses in the final degree diploma. It is in the course syllabus that you will find which grading scale applies for the specific course.

How and when do I choose?

In end of November and mid May respectively, you will receive an email regarding selection of elective courses. The email contains a list of courses and a personal link to a registration form. Please check the courses entry requirements before making your selection. Up to the deadline, you can revise your choices as many times as you like (by submitting the form again). The deadline is approximately two weeks after you have received the email. If you miss the deadline, your selection of electives will be limited to the courses where the seats are not filled.

Can I change my elective courses?

Up to the deadline, you can revise your selection as many times as you like. After the deadline it is no longer possible to change your selection of courses. If you miss the deadline, your selection of electives will be limited to the courses where the seats are not filled.

Ranking candidates for elective courses

Some courses are very popular and there are more applicants than available seats. In such a case, we will select students by ranking. If there is a course that is full, we will contact you by email in order for you to make a new choice.

Also if you have made an incorrect choice of electives or if you do not meet the entry requirements for the course, we will contact you by student email.

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