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School of Business, Economics and Law

As a student at the School of Business, Economics and Law, you have an exciting time in your life. Many of our students will be given leadership roles in business and society. As a leader comes a responsibility, and our goal is to give you the knowledge and skills needed to handle societal challenges.

In addition to the content of courses and programmes, there are several other activities that help you get ready for life after your studies. The School of Business, Economics and Law offers very good opportunities to study abroad, our Career Service helps you find your way into working life, and within the School's student union HHGS there are good opportunities to gain valuable experience.

You will find information on this and other pages on the Student Portal to guide you further.

About School of Business, Economics and Law

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Box 600
Visiting address
Vasagatan 1

Our facilities

Most of the School is located at Vasagatan 1. At Viktoriagatan 13 is the Department of Economy and Society, teaching rooms and the Piazza where you can sit and study. On the external web there is information on how to get to different premises.

Study places and group rooms

At Vasagatan 1 there are study places in the corridors and in the Economics Library. You can also book group rooms in the library. You can also sit and study on "Hyllan" (the upper floor of the restaurant) and on the Piazza (Viktoriagatan 13). Study spaces are also available at the Social Sciences library at Vasagatan 2 (opposite the School).

To create more places for study and group work, several teaching rooms have been made available: D41, D46 and B41 as well as the computer rooms on D4.
These may be used when they are not booked. You can see the bookings via the QR code that is posted outside each hall. To enter, you use a card and code. 


  • You must leave the hall 15 minutes before the next booking.
  • Move the furniture back according to the instruction in the room
  • Leave the room nice and tidy. Throw all the rubbish in our recycling bins.
  • It is not permitted to eat or drink (other than water) inside the rooms.

Computer rooms

At the School, there are computer rooms on level D4. Use the same password as for the Student Portal to log in to the computers.

Economics Library

At the Economics Library, you will find literature and digital information related to the subjects within the School. The library also has a large UN collection, statistics collection and official EU printing. There are also study places and group rooms.

The library has a reading studio for students in need of reading and writing support. In it, there are two worktops with magnifying software, speech synthesis, spelling software, a scanner and a printer. One workplace has a braille printer and a braille display.

The economics library is located in building A, floor 3.

Opening hours and more information about the Economics Library.

Recept desk

Vasagatan 1, buildning A (main entrance)
Telephone: +46 31-786 49 48

Reception opening hours:
Monday-Friday 8:00-16:30
Summertime 1 May - 31 August: Monday - Friday 8:00-15:50
The reception is closed during July.

The School is getting a new building!

As you have noticed, there is construction going on at the School. In 2026, we hope to be able to move into the new building, which will include study spaces, two large lecture halls, student services and offices. There will also be an entrance to Västlänkens Station Haga.

Read more about the new building on the external web.


At the School, we have a strong focus on sustainability and we work in various ways to integrate the Global Goals in Agenda 2030 into our operations. Our ambition is to be among the international leaders when it comes to integrating perspectives related to sustainable development in education and to produce research that contributes to private and public decision-makers getting the best possible knowledge base to deal with societal challenges.

Today's students are future decision-makers and our strategic objective is that all students at the School are equipped with knowledge, understanding and tools to be able to address important sustainability challenges in their future professional roles and to make important contributions to a sustainable society. Since 2013, sustainability issues have been included in all education programmes at the undergraduate level.

Sustainability Days

If you are a programme student, you will have a Sustainability Day every year during your education, as a supplement to the sustainability elements within the courses. The Sustainability Days [link] have different complementary focuses and themes, and are often visited by guests from various sectors, such as small entrepreneurs, large companies, researchers and actors from the public and non-profit sectors.

Sustainable campus

We are constantly working to make our operations increasingly sustainable. This applies, for example, to the physical environment, where we have solar panels on the roof, how we arrange our events and manage our waste. We also work for sustainable and climate-smart investments in our financial assets.

You can contribute to the sustainability work, for example by getting involved in the student association Handels Students for Sustainability (HaSS) and by sorting your rubbish at the source.

Career Service

As a student at the School of Business, Economics and Law you can use all of Career Services offers for free. Do you want to consult a professional coach, go to a personal development seminar, meet up with interesting employers or use digital career support tools?

You have to register with Career Service to be able to use the services. 

Career Service offers

  • One-on-one coaching sessions and CV feedback
    Do you have shorter questions regarding your CV? Book a 30-minute online session that fits your calendar with an easy click.  If you want to go deeper and explore yourself and your goals book a coaching session insteadDuring a one-hour career coaching session with a professional coach, you will get help to find your focus and your answers to the areas you choose to bring into the session. It could be questions relating to areas such as; what do I really want, what is important to me, how do I choose?
  • Job ads and job searching skills
    Looking for jobs or finding it hard to market yourself in a competitive job market? Come to our workshops on job searching skills such as CV, Cover Letter and Interview Training. And don’t miss the hundreds of job opportunities advertised through our job portal both national and international.
  • Partner companies
    The school has a proud history of working close to the business world and Career Service has a  close collaboration with the corporate partners of the school.

Curriculum integration
Many of the school's programmes have personal and professional development workshops integrated into the curriculum. Ranging from cooperation skills to feedback and Career Management. 




Study abroad

The School has agreements with approximately 160 partner universities around the world. You thus have good opportunities to study a semester abroad. It gives you valuable experience, an international contact network and personal development.

Read more about the opportunities to study abroad.


The School offers a lot of interesting seminars and other events that can give you new insights and networking possibilities.
Read more about the School's events

The Student Union

The Student Union HHGS has more than 20 associations, three career fairs and seven companies that give meaningful work experience to hundreds of members every year.

Read more about HHGS


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