Finding your way on the University

The University of Gothenburg is located in several places in (and outside) Gothenburg, providing access to study spaces all over the city! Where you spend most of your time depends on where your education is based. This page offers an overview of our campuses and study spaces.

One university – several campuses

The University of Gothenburg does not have one single campus. The faculties and departments (which organise and run our education) are responsible for their own facilities. Therefore, our campuses and buildings are placed at various locations in and around Gothenburg. We have a close collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology, and some teaching takes place in their facilities. 

How to find your classes

Where your classes take place depends on where the department that is responsible for the course you are currently studying is based. Your schedule usually indicates the location for your lectures and other classes.

How to access your schedule

Study spaces

If you want to sit in school and study, you can do so in most of our buildings, regardless of where your classes are held. Throughout the University (and at the University Library!), there are plenty of places for individual or group study

Almost all study spaces in our study areas are available to all students. There are also bookable study spaces (such as group rooms, computer labs, and laboratories) that are education-specific and can only be booked by students from a specific faculty or department.

How to find a study space:

Campuses and buildings A-Z

Click on the campus or building you are interested in for an overview, including the address, study spaces, restaurants, and cafes. For more details, (such as opening hours, maps, quiet rooms, and specific details for those studying at a particular campus) please read the information provided by faculties and departments further down on this page.

App: Campus Maps

In the app Campus Maps, you can find information about the University's various areas. It doesn't cover everything, but you can locate certain study spaces, student kitchens, and printers. The app is developed by Chalmers and will be evaluated throughout 2023.

App in App Store / App in Google Play

Lost property

How items left behind are handled varies between campuses and buildings. You can read the applicable information under the sections from faculties and departments further down the page, or send a question via our contact form, Support for students at the University of Gothenburg.

Frequently asked questions