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Academy of Music and Drama

The Academy of Music and Drama trains individuals in various music genres, including composers, teachers of music, dance, and drama. We also nurture talent in performance arts, opera singing, musical, and acting. Additionally, we actively engage in research in artistic fields and pedagogy. Together with HDK-Valand - Academy of Art and Design, we constitute the university's Artistic Faculty.

This page will take you to information about the Academy of Music and Drama: premises, organisation, support and who to contact if something doesn't work. We can also help you with questions about your studies.

If you are studying to become a teacher, you will also find information from the Faculty of Education.

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About Academy of Music and Drama

Type of organization
Belongs to faculty
The Artistic Faculty
Contact information
Post address
Box 210
Visiting address
Eklandagatan 86


The Academy of Music and Drama has four locations:

  • Eklandagatan 86
  • Åvägen 24 (Brewhouse)
  • Vasagatan 50 (HDK-Valand)
  • Triörgatan 1 (Andra stället)

On the following page you can find information about the location of programmes and courses, available rooms and staff:
Finding your way on the university

Our facilities are designed for study and learning in artistic and educational fields. We have a shared responsibility to maintain a positive learning and working environment. Think about how your behaviour affects the ability of others to study and learn.

Rules of behaviour and order

  • Access for students: 07:00-00:00 during term time.
  • Premises and equipment are to be used for University activities only.
  • Instruments and equipment may not be removed from the premises without permission.
  • Private tuition is not permitted.
  • Refreshments are permitted only in common rooms and student areas.
  • Teachers and students share responsibility for tidying up the classroom after use.
  • Turn off lights and close windows.
  • Always lock doors to classrooms and rehearsal rooms.
  • Keep personal belongings in lockers or storage areas.
  • Keep valuables and instruments in sight. Personal items are not insured by the University.
  • Cellists and double bass players should always use end pin anchors.
  • Locked doors should not be opened and left unattended.
  • The Academy of Music and Drama requires financial compensation for damage, whether intentional or unintentional. The cost of repairs will be charged to the person causing the damage. The same applies to false fire or burglar alarms at emergency exits.

Quiet room

At Eklandagatan 86, room 2460, our quiet room is available if you need a moment of peace, reflection, prayer or meditation. It is always accessible with your student key. Feel free to use the "free/busy" sign on the door to signal your presence.

Mail management

Each student group has access to a shared mailbox located at Eklandagatan 86, by the lift on the 3rd floor. We encourage you to check your mailbox regularly.

For messages to teachers, administrative staff, technical staff and others, there are mailboxes at Eklandagatan 86, floors 2 and 3 in building 1.

Agreement for a party or other event

Are you a student at the Academy of Music and Drama and would like to organise a party with your fellow students? To book a venue for your party, you should fill in the form "Agreement for the use of a venue for a party or other event (PDF)". Your booking will only become official once it has been approved and confirmed by the Academy of Music and Drama.

Avtal vid nyttjande av lokal för fest eller annat arrangemang (in Swedish) (pdf 0,2 mb)

Related info:

Organisation and student representation


  • Head of Department: Jesper Lundgren
  • Deputy Head of Department: Jonas Simonson
  • Assistant Head of Department for Education: Monica Danielson
  • Assistant Head of Department for Research: Anders Hultqvist
  • Assistant Head for Postgraduate Studies: Carina Borgström Källén

Student representation in councils and groups

Being a member of Konstkåren (the student union) gives you the opportunity to influence what happens at the institution. Students have the right to be represented in councils and groups that prepare or decide on issues of importance to the programmes and the students' situation.

Konstkåren elects the student representatives among the union members.


Permanent consultative forums with student representatives

  • Department Council
  • Department Management Council
  • Research Council
  • Study Programmes Council
  • Work Environment Council
  • Unit management teams: pedagogy, performing arts, classical music and church music, music, research and postgraduate studies.
  • Jury groups Admission

Student influence

When things don't work

Campus Service

Campus Service provides assistance with:

  • Locks, security alarms, and key-card access
  • Fire safety
  • Cleaning, recycling, and furnishing
  • Fault reports for property and room technology
  • Lending basic audio-video equipment (available at Eklandagatan 86 only)

Contact Campus Service

Please note that depending on which building you are in, there will be different contact details.

  • Eklandagatan 86, Åvägen 24 (Brewhouse) and Triörgatan 1 (Andra stället)
    Service notification:
    Visiting address: Eklandagatan 86
    Telephone: 031-786 4155
    NOTE! There is an office at Eklandagatan 86 which is open on weekdays from 13.00-15.00.

  • Kristinelundsgatan 6–8 (HDK-Valand)
    Service notification:
    Visiting address: Kristinelundsgatan 6–8
    Telephone: 031-786 4890
  • Vasagatan 50 (HDK-Valand)
    Service notification:
    Visiting address: Vasagatan 50
    Telephone: 031-786 5140
  • For bookings in Studenternas hus and Vasaparken:
    Vasaparken reception
    Service notification:
    Visiting address: Universitetsplatsen 1
    Telephone: 031-786 2400
  • Campus Manager Henric Snygg
    Telephone: 031-786 1012


If you still have questions after reading the information on the Student Portal, please feel free to contact us.

Study Counselling

At the Academy of Music and Drama, programme and course supervisors are available to provide advice and answer questions about the programmes. You can find the contact details for your programme or course supervisor on 'My Page'.

Student Affairs Office

For questions about registration, results, certificates, prerequisites and other education-related matters.
Location: Eklandagatan 86, building 1, floor 3.
Opening hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10.00-12.30.
Telephone: 031-786 4020


The mission of the technicians is to support the programmes in achieving their pedagogical goals. Technicians play an active role in the students' learning process by organising events and conducting technical maintenance.
For events:
For infrastructure:
For performing arts:

International Office

Our international coordinator answers questions about studying and working abroad.
Go International on the Student Portal

Often requested information


Bi-annual programme

The Academy of Music and Drama regularly organises public concerts and performances. Information about these events can be found on our website in August for the autumn term and in January for the spring term. All concerts that are part of the bi-annual programme are recorded, including the final productions in the performing arts.

Events at the Academy of Music and Drama

A convenient way to keep track of your fellow students' public concerts and performances is to subscribe to their calendar events directly in your own calendar. Just click on the link and follow the instructions:

Calendar Subscription for All Public Events

Media archive

All performances and concerts included in the bi-annual programme organised by the Academy of Music and Drama are documented. If you would like to receive recordings, please contact

NOTE: The recordings are protected by copyright.

Free tickets

As a student at the Artistic Faculty, you are entitled to one free ticket per event at the Academy of Music and Drama. You can pick up your tickets at with the code you receive at the beginning of each semester. For spring 2024, you will find the code in the news article "Free Tickets for Students," published on January 24 on "My Page." If you wish to purchase additional tickets, you can do so on the Billetto website.


Organise you own lunchtime events

You can organise your own lunchtime event to practise performing in front of an audience. These events are open to the public and free of charge, and are published in the calendar on the academy's website. If you want to organise your event, follow the instructions and fill in the application form at least two weeks before the planned date of the event.

Instructions and application form: How to organise your own lunchtime event

Marketing events

Marketing and ticket sales for events at the Academy of Music and Drama are generally handled by our Communications Officers. If you are planning to promote your own event, including Facebook events, please contact us at so that we can coordinate information about our Academy's activities.

At the end of each month, we send out the newsletter "Evenemangsbrev från Högskolan för scen och musik" (Events newsletter from the Academy of Music and Drama) with details of the upcoming events for the next month.

You are welcome to subscribe: Events newsletter from the Academy of Music and Drama

Tickets and discounts for other institutions

Students of the Academy of Music and Drama are entitled to concessions and discounts at various cultural institutions and shops. Please note that these discounts require the presentation of your GU card and that discounted tickets are not transferable.

  • Dramaten in Stockholm: Students at the Academy of Music and Drama can get one free ticket per student per production! Book your ticket by emailing and pick it up no later than 60 minutes before the performance with your student ID. The offer is valid for regular repertoire, subject to availability.
  • Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra: The academy's students and employees can buy tickets to the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra's concerts for only SEK 20. The offer is subject to availability from 15.00 on the day of the concert and from opening on public holidays. In addition, full-time students can pre-purchase tickets to the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra's concerts at half price from 2 October.
    Only by card or swish.
  • GöteborgsOperan: The academy's employees and students have the opportunity to buy one ticket per person to GöteborgsOperan performances for only SEK 60, subject to availability from 15.00 on the day of the performance. These conditions also apply to GöteborgsOperan's own employees.
  • Göteborg Wind Orchestra (GWO): Employees and students have access to tickets to Göteborg Wind Orchestra concerts at a reduced price of 50 SEK. You can find tickets on the GWO website,
  • Folkteatern: Students and employees can get a free ticket by asking after 15.00 on the day of the performance. This offer applies to Folkteatern's own performances and is subject to availability, not guest performances.
  • Angered Theatre: Students can get a free ticket by asking the day before the performance after 15.00, subject to availability.
  • Stadsteatern/Backa Teater: You can call Stadsteatern/Backa Teater after 15:00 on the day of the performance to possibly get a free ticket, subject to availability.
  • Gitarren AB: 10% discount
    Törnrosa Blommor: 10% discount
    Wennerströms musikaffär (strings): 10% discount on strings and utensils
    Ödmans musik & instrumentverkstad: 10% discount


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