Bachelor's Programme in International Relations

3 years
180 credits (ECTS)

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This page is for students at the Bachelor's Programme in International Relations at the School of Global Studies.


Curriculum Director

Bryan Mabee is the curriculum director and can answer questions about the programme content. 

Bryan Mabee
Curriculum Director

Programme Administration

Matilda Andersson is the education administrator for the programme and can answer questions about admission, online registration on courses, results etc.

Telephone: +46 31-786 43 13

Student Counselling

Our student counselors can help you become aware of your interests and assist in evaluating your previous studies and work experiences. This support will enable you to independently make well-informed decisions regarding your studies and career.

They are also available if you need to talk to someone about your study situation. Meetings with our student counselors are protected by professional secrecy.

Telephone: +46 31-786 13 99 (Tuesdays 14.00-16.00 and Thursdays 10.00-12.00)

Programme content

Learn about the programme objectives in the syllabus:

Find syllabus and reading lists for your courses on this link

Register to programme courses

As a programme student it is not necessary to apply for most programme courses, although it is your responsibility to register to every new course throughout the programme. It is important to register to the course you are attending for you to get your grades and for your student insurance to be valid.

You register online via the Ladok services in the Student Portal within the registration period. Registration can be done at the earliest one week ahead of the course start. Information about registration is e-mailed by the Student Office well ahead of the course start. This procedure applies to all courses except for the fifth semester.

Admission and registration to optional courses in the fifth semester

The fifth semester is a 'free semester', where you can apply for different courses that are of interest to you. This can also include applying to an internship course or applying for exchange studies.

Internships need to be organised as part of a formal course, but the internship itself needs to be arranged by the student. Please follow carefully the instructions for application to the course you want to apply to. Usually, if you want to do an internship, you need to contact organisations you are interested in and arrange for an internship. When you have found an internship, the host organisation should fill in and sign an agreement that describes the tasks that you are to accomplish during your internship. The agreement must be signed by the host organisation and by the University to be valid before admittance and registration to the course can be done.

If you want to take other optional courses you must apply via the University Admission website. The application period is open March 15 to April 15. You have no guaranteed admission to freestanding courses so make sure to apply in time and for several courses. Recommended specialisations will be communicated before the application period starts.


If you were not able to finish a course within the course dates you can get re-registered. Re-registration is only possible when the course is given and if there are available seats. Contact the programme's education administrator to ask for re-registration.

Graduation ceremony

To celebrate our your graduation, the department will organize a graduation ceremony at the end of the programme.

The ceremony is an informal event, usually with speeches followed by a mingle.

Dress code: Casual
Date and location: Will be announced in your final semester.


Contact the Curriculum Director if you have questions about the ceremony.

Sign up

Sign up by sending an e-mail to the education administrator. The deadline for signing up will be announced during in your final semester.

How to apply for your degree

When you have finished all courses within the Bachelor's Programme in International Relations you must apply for your degree via the Ladok services on the Student Portal. Instructions on how to apply are found on the page Degree on the Student Portal.

Degree title

Degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in International Relation (180 credits)

Filosofie kandidatexamen med huvudområdet internationella relationer (180 hp)

Degree description

The degree description inform you of what courses must be finished for you to apply for your degree.