Language Café

For students

The language café is a perfect opportunity to meet new people and practice your language skills at the same time. This time, we're spicing things up by also adding board games into the mix. Choose one of the language tables and practice Swedish, English, or another language, or you can grab a board game and get a gaming table started.

24 Apr 2024
8 May 2024
17:30 - 20:00
17:30 - 20:00
Studenternas Hus, Götabergsgatan 17
Free of charge

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How does it work:

You look for the table with the language you wish to speak and join it, or you select a game you want to play and get a gaming table started. It's that simple. If you want to speak another language or play a game/another game after a while, you are welcome to move to another table. 

Drop in from 17:30.

What languages are represented?

We will definitely have Swedish and English language tables. After that, it is up to you. We have lots of different language signs and will place some of them on the remaining tables based on our guesses, but if you don't spot the language you wish to speak, just let us know and we may well have a sign for it.


Registration is not mandatory, but it helps to give us an idea of how many people to expect and how much fika to prepare. You will also get a reminder emailed to you on the day of the event if you sign up.