University of Gothenburg's Student Fund – 2024 application now open


You can now apply for grants from the University of Gothenburg's Student Fund to enhance the student social life at the University. Apply before March 31st if you are planning an activity or gathering.


Funds from the Student Fund can be used for:

  • Activities that welcome and include international students.
  • Activities that develop student traditions (e.g. Valborg celebrations).
  • Activities that promote health (such as sports tournaments).
  • Activities that stimulate students' involvement in community-building activities.
  • Social gatherings for the promotion of friendship and community.

Initiatives that contribute to increasing the attractiveness of the University of Gothenburg and collaboration with the surrounding community are encouraged.


Students, student associations and unions can apply for funding to implement or develop student social activities. Funds can also be used for initiatives taken by the university to promote student social life.


Additional information about application, decisions, and contact can be found under the heading General scholarships on the Scholarships page.